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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Preserve Community-Based Services and Supports During Veto Session

The Illinois General Assembly returns to Springfield on Tuesday for the first week of the Fall Veto Session. During the two week Session, our Senators and Representatives have the opportunity to restore critical funding for community-based services and supports for kids and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities, mental illness, and substance use dependencies, and solve the state’s inability to pay its backlog of bills to community providers.

As advocates, we must do our part to ensure these funding restorations are front-and-center on the minds of all of our legislators. The General Assembly can’t expect the community-based system to support the needs of the kids and adults that are currently being served, as well as provide quality care to additional individuals that may transition from state facilities and receive services through court ordered consent decrees without additional resources.

Let’s all do our part by calling our legislators at their Springfield offices this week. Please take the link below for next steps and specific talking points you can share with your Senators and Representatives.

Click the link below to log in and make your call:

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