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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Senate Approved Higher Spending for Community Services - Tell Your Representative to Support HB 2189

Please call your state representatives and urge them to vote yes on Senate Amendment #1 to House Bill 2189 as indicated below.

Last night the Illinois Senate passed all of the appropriations bills that outline the House proposed budget to the Governor. The House budget is based on an artificially low revenue projection for next year, which has lead to unnecessary and unneeded cuts to programs such as community services.

However, in addition to passing the House budget, the Senate also approved a bill that would include an additional $110 million in spending to prevent damaging cuts to community mental health, alcohol and substance abuse, and early intervention programs. The bill is HB 2189, and it must now be approved by the House before it can go to the Governor for his consideration.

We need to back our champions in the Senate that stood up for community services by calling our Representatives immediately to urge them to vote 'yes' on Senate Amendment #1 to HB 2189.

Please take the link below and lets get this bill passed before the General Assembly adjourns.
Click the link below to log in and make your call:


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