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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No Final FY11 Budget in Place - Continue Pressuring Legislators to Pass a Sustainable Budget

Please continue to keep our needs in front of your legislators. Even if they say they already support us and make statements like you should not be bothering to contact them, remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease and legislators keep count of the number of calls/contacts they get on various issue.

As always thanks for taking the time to support community services for individuals with disabilities.

Gus van den Brink
Executive Director
Sertoma Center, Inc.
708 371-9700 Ext. 216

The General Assembly missed its self imposed May 7th deadline for adjournment without final approval of an FY11 budget. Legislators are back in their District Offices while budgeteers continue working towards a final agreement for an FY11 budget.

Starting today for as long as legislators are away from Springfield, we need to call our legislators at their District Offices and tell them they must approve an FY11 budget that:

- preserves funding for community services and supports for persons with developmental disabilities and mental illness at FY10 levels; and
- provides for a timely and consistent payment cycle for services provided!

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