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Wednesday, April 21, 2010



Hi Everyone,

As you are probably aware the Governor’s introduced budget has big cuts for human services and education. Sertoma Centre alone is estimated to see a funding reduction of $215,000.

We are now a member of a broader human services coalition, Illinois Partners for Human Services. This is a Call to Action from them to contact your legislators to tell them this is unacceptable.

Please click the “Take Action’ icon and send a message to your legislators.

Thanks for taking the time to support human service and in particular community services to individuals with disabilities.

Gus van den Brink
Executive Director
Sertoma Centre, Inc.

Take Action!


Dear Illinois Partners Member

The latest news out of Springfield keeps getting worse... Illinois is facing catastrophic cuts to human services and even bankruptcy.

We need you to contact your legislator immediately and tell them we need them to BE A LEADER and VOTE NO ON ANY BUDGET WITH CATASTROPHIC CUTS TO HUMAN SERVICES.

• Proposed cuts to human services are now expected to exceed last years' cuts and could be permanent.
• Providers could be put in the position where they are asked to sign year long contracts but with only 6 months pay guaranteed, at best a 50% cut.
• Tax increases won't likely be considered until Jan 2011, so there is no guarantee the funding will be there when you need it

Contact your legislator via Capwiz (Take Action link) immediately and let him/her know how the catastrophe will unfold in your district if services are cut more and how many jobs will be impacted.


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